Image video “Tekhnograd” production

Our company  filmed the image video special for the opening of the “Tekhnograd” educational and recreational complex at VDNKh.

The video was to demonstrate the “Tekhnograd” educational complex at work, to show the uniqueness of its services and to draw the target audience’s attention.

Our screenwriters have developed a script, which can be divided into two parts: the first part reflects the way teenagers learn professional skills and the second one is dedicated to the possibilities for family fun at “Tekhnograd”.

For the scenes, which could not be filmed in the actual interiors, we  made a 3D rendering and shot in chroma key.

The shoot time was very limited; we only had 3 days for preparations. Within that timeframe, we had to put together a film crew and all the necessary equipment, as well as make storyboards.

The filming took 3 days. We used the Red Dragon KIT camera – it gives you 4K resolution, a clean and crisp image and contributes to setting a special mood.

In the final stages of the project, our supervisors integrated the image filmed on the chroma key into the CGI interiors, creating an animated bumper, visual effects and infographics designed strictly in accordance with complex’s brand and color grading.