Interactive installation with multimedia video content, Mosinzhproekt

At the Moscow Urban Forum, Design Dossier implemented a large-scale exhibition project for the Mosinzhproekt JSC stand: an interactive installation with multimedia video content.

Since the company’s flagship project is the construction of the National Space Center for Roscosmos, the theme of the stand was the cosmos. The atmosphere of space is designed in a futuristic style and creates the feeling of being on a spaceship.

All interactive installations are highly visitor-oriented. The metro zone is built with diode screens that simulate a metro tunnel, where basic information about the Big Circle Line is displayed. A kinetic table with sand was installed at the transport interchange hub area: the image of Yuri Gagarin, the company logo, metro and BCL maps were displayed on the sand using a ball driven by a magnet.

In addition to the development of an architectural solution for the stand and complex development, Design Dossier’s video production department produced 3D-videos and a corporate production film about occupational safety in construction.