Multimedia Interactive Installation “Art of science”

On 5 February, the Moscow City Government held a grand event – the Day of Science in Moscow, on this occasion a solemn ceremony for the awards to be conferred upon the young scholars, laureates of the Moscow City Government Award was organized.

The Heraldic Foyer of the State Kremlin Palace was the venue for the Art of Science unique integrated multimedia interactive installation developed and implemented by the Design Dossier team. The Art of Science represented an impressive real estate development with the characteristic and easily recognizable configuration of the Moscow State University accommodating 3 interactive zones with huge screens and touch-panels. The multimedia interactive installation was equipped with the LED lighting system.

The Art of Science Interactive Installation comprised three thematic software programs brought together by the volumetric silhouette of the Moscow State University:

  • The Great Scholars of Moscow Timeline;
  • Young Scholars of Russia;
  • Educational Guessing Game.