VR, AR, interactive installations Golden Autumn EXPO

Multimedia Interactive technologies in action: virtual reality café, Farmer Business Development interactive game installation, photo mechanics, KUKA robot barman, Moscow Seasons augmented reality, augmented reality mobile application – this is only a part of all interactive multimedia content created by the specialists of Design Dossier for our new large-scale complex project for the government of Moscow, presented at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition.

Virtual reality. When seated at the table visitors could put on VR glasses and find themselves in different restaurants of Moscow or watch a 360-degree panoramic video. And in each video the guests were treated to the signature Moscow cake. So no wonder that after visiting virtual reality the visitors of the booth moved over to the bar counter, where attentive and diligent KUKA robot barman thoughtfully offered a plate with a piece of Moscow cake.

Moscow Seasons Augmented reality. By taking a cube with a tag you could turn into a Gulliver and, for example, hold Manezh Square in your hands, zoom in, examine, turn it all over. You hold a cube in your hands, look at the screen and see that you’re holding a street or a square!  A special cube tag activated the system of augmented reality, and the screen showed animated 3D scenes of six Moscow festivals. Mobile app with augmented reality. The guests of the exhibition booth received a gift – a multifunctional convertible cube. It was both a calendar and a tag to activate the app.