Multimedia interactive model, Hannover Messe

Design Dossier conceptualized and developed a multimedia interactive model of industrial Moscow for the exhibitional exposition of the Moscow City Government on the Industrial Fair Hannover Messe 2017.

The interactive model produced by our experts comprised diode table 120×280 cm, 6 touch-screens to manage the software of the miniature, 362 semitransparent matte glass miniatures of the building sites. We made 64 videos for the diode table which was the basis for the glass buildings of the model to light-up the objects of the model in a particular sequence managed by the software. We developed and edited eye-catching terrain renders of Special Economic Zone Zelenograd and Technopark ZIL which were displayed on the control touch-screen of the model. Three animated presentations were shown on the model touch-screens. According to the supportive measures of technoparks, industrial estates and constructible surfaces, these presentations visualized the statistic information in a clear and convenient way.