3D visualization Chelyabinsk-2020

Chelyabinsk 2020 – this project was introduced in November 2017 on the forum Russia-Kazakhstan held in Chelyabinsk where we presented an interactive model of prospective development called Chelyabinsk 2020 that was worked out by the experts of the company Design Dossier, as well as 5 motion design videos.

The list of the executed work is the following:

  • development and realization of the general design concept,
  • video start mechanism, information management,
  • development of an interactive multimedia content with architectural 3D visualization.

Our motion designers created five 3D visualization videos: one general 3D panoramic fly-by video around Chelyabinsk city center and four subject-related motion design videos with info-graphics including panoramic fly-by videos with building sites in project:

  • Congress-Hall Taganay 2020;
  •  Public Business Center;
  • Miass river quay;
  • Hotel room stock of the city.