AR and VR OPTI 24

The OPTI 24 brand personified a fusion of solutions intended for the corporate customers of Gazprom Neft in the sector of freight forwarding services and logistics. We were confronted with the task of getting across to the public the message behind the proposed goods and services in a most illustrative, simple, immersive manner.

At the initial stage, we developed conceptual ideas underlying the visual design solution  and the video plot with reference to the virtual reality format involving 360 degrees. At the stage when the software was developed and 3D visualization was modelled, together with the Customer we drafted and detailed the content, conducted expedient tests and found a solution to all problems bearing technical as well as creative nature. As a result of our efforts, we delivered a 5-minute VR video to be watched through the VR glasses. The video showcases the capabilities of the OPTI 24 Digital Platform.

The virtual tour ends with a proposition to the user to choose the necessary elements from the package of services intended for the carriers.

This can be done with the help of an mobile application on a tablet with the employment of the Augmented Reality (AR) Format.