Exhibition Escape Quest for the Russian Venture Company

Design Dossier experts created an “Exhibition Escape Quest” for the Russian Venture Company. At the moment, it is the first and the only experience of using the exhibition space as an interactive playing area. In order to form positive perception of the brand by Target Audience we decided to make consumer communication long-term and effective by means of ultimate interactivity.

We found a completely new creative solution – to invite the visitors of the forum to complete an escape quest. All activities within the game were connected with the brands of RVC portfolio companies. According to the quest plot, the team (2 to 6 people) finds itself in a secret laboratory in the future with two high-tech research offices. In order to move to the next level, the players needed to find correct keys by solving logic and engineering tasks, using hints, secret codes, by answering questions related to the exhibits of RVC portfolio companies.

What performance indicators did we achieve?

  • On average visitors spent up to 20 minutes in the quest rooms and they spent about 10-15 minutes on interactive study of the exhibits.
  • During the five forum days 1 460 people took part in the quest.